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It is now clear that the community season won’t start in September, but all options remain in consideration, whether that means October, December or January starts for the game. 

We also know the season will look different when it returns and that there will be an emphasis on returning safely and staying local when fixtures are drawn up. 

We will continue to work very closely with the Welsh Government and other sports governing bodies and will update clubs each time the Welsh Government issues a new three-week plan to describe how this affects rugby in Wales. 


PAGE 1          Monday 22nd June 2020                                                      Edition 1

A key ambition for the community game in Wales is that we want to be part of the solution and not part of the problem in spreading the disease and will therefore not do anything to compromise public health.

There are five clear caveats to the resumption of rugby in Wales:

  • Public Health and Government authorities allow a return 
  • Public health services aren’t compromised
  • Clubs have time to educate & prepare facilities
  • Players have an appropriate re-conditioning period
  • Contact tracing

Contact tracing will be key – it will be vital to complete an online World Rugby module before returning to play AND symptom checks will need to be completed even before leaving the house to train on EACH occasion. 

It is also clear that, after the longest time away from rugby in their lives, for many players there will need to be a period of conditioning before resumption and the WRU’s strength and conditioning leads will supply training plans for the community game at the appropriate time.

There will be other measures and we will help clubs to be prepared in each eventuality, such as if elements of rugby allowed before club houses are allowed to open. 

Return to Rugby Working Group

A ‘Return to Rugby Working Group’ has been tasked with looking at the protocols and procedures that will need to be established throughout both the professional and community game ahead of its return.

This group, in line with World Rugby, is looking at numerous aspects such as medical matters with the main focus being that all involved are returning in the safest possible environment.

It will also consider participation, operations and club development with the Union committed to ensuring that all clubs are in a position to return once we are given guidance to do so and it is important to note that we are essentially being directed by Government guidelines.

Key recommendations from the Working Group are expected to be circulated in the coming weeks


PAGE 2          Monday 22nd June 2020                                                      Edition 1 


The Welsh Rugby Union has clarified how the latest Welsh Government [COVID] guidelines, in force from Monday 22June affect Welsh community rugby.

While team and contact sports are not yet permitted to resume training, the Welsh Rugby Union has issued some practical advice to clubs to help get pitches ready to welcome players when appropriate in line with government guidance.

The guidelines around training practices is unchanged in terms of people from one or two households (see above graphic to illustrate this). The only change to the Union’s advice to clubs is that, providing clubs can guarantee safe working practices, they are now encouraged to start maintaining their pitches following three months of inactivity.

The WRU has issued a Pitch Preparation Guidance document,

The document, drawn up with the Grounds Management Association, covers everything from the recommended length of grass for out of use periods, to aeration, irrigation, local repairs and control of thatch.


PAGE 3          Monday 22nd June 2020                                                      Edition 1 


WRU Community Director Geraint John said,

“While we are all missing rugby activity, we must be part of the solution to controlling Covid-19 in Wales and not become a cause for increasing the infection rate. We are working very closely with the Welsh Government on all areas of the game, from community to elite and commercial activities.

“Our advice at the moment is to stay active within the Welsh Government guidelines which means train individually, with members of your household, or, in line with government advice – stay local and with members of one other household.

“However, following Friday’s government update, we have now entered an important preparation stage and we advise clubs to take on board this pitch preparation advice which is the first step before we can resume any rugby activity on club pitches. We are grateful that so many of our clubs have appointed a Club Operations Manager and we will continue to liaise directly with them as we begin to Return to Rugby.”


​In terms of transfers, the Community Game Board has determined that the transfer portal, via MyWRU, which would usually open on 1st June to allow clubs to initiate transfers will be temporarily suspended along with registrations for new players and migrations in the Male and Female game along with Mini, Juniors and Youth.

Clubs will be notified immediately when this suspension is lifted, ensuring there is ample opportunity to initiate transfers, registrations and migrations.



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